Thursday, August 22, 2013

Javascript Using radio buttons with onClick() Event

<script language="JavaScript">
function Oracle()

function VB()
    document.a.display.value="Visual Basic";

function Java()

function Clear()
<title>Radio Button Click</title>

<form name = a align = center>
<font face=calibri>
<h1>Java Script Using radio buttons with onClick() Event</h1><br><br>
<input type=text name = display>
<input type=radio name=r1 value="Oracle" onclick="Oracle();">Oracle</input>
<input type=radio name=r1 onclick="VB();">Visual Basic</input>
<input type=radio name=r1 onclick="Java();">Java</input>
<input type=button value="Reset" onclick="Clear();">

Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to make a simple program with notepad...

""How to make a simple program with notepad""
Though Notepad is not an ideal text editor for programming, it has all the functions that allow it to be used for writing programs. It'll be hard to write thousands of lines of code and still keep everything straight given the lack of formatting features, but you can get started with simple code in a free program already on your PC.
Step 1 : First open Notepad. It can be found in Acessories
Step 2 : Type the following code: @echo off
Step 3 : Type the following code: echo This is my first program.
Step 4 : Type the following code: pause
Step 6 : Go to the File menu, select Save As. For the file name type pp.bat
So Simple 

List Of Full Form of Domain Names Extensions

.com → commercial Internet sites.
.edu → educational sites .
.firm → for an Internet site for a business.
.gov → for a U.S. government site on the Internet.
.int → international institutions.
.mil → for a U.S. military site on the Internet.
.mobi → for mobile phones.
.nato → for NATO sites.
.net → for Internet administrative sites.
.nom → for a personal site on the Internet.
.org → for organizational Internet sites.
.store →for a retail business.
.web → for an Internet site that is about the World Wide Web.
.Us → united states
.uk united kindom

In 1998 - We have 8 extensions
In 2004 - We have 23 extensions
in 2013 - It will be 700+ new domain extensions released to the public.